Gallery 7Urban Photos

Fine art abstract photo showing rusted metal and chipped paint curving together like a shoreline on a lake
Fine art photograph of brushings, chipping paint, and swirling scratches on the surface of a piece of twisted sheet metal
Abstract photograph of twisted white metal shapes against a frozen snowy field
Fine art macro photo of scattered leaves covering the top of an old abandoned grader hood
Abstract photo of a rippled oil slick running accross a puddle of water, lit by the bright, soft reflections of the sun
Abstract photograph of lines and reflections in a brushed steel building
Abstract photograph showing a partly open doorway with contrasted white, blue and yellow light
Abstract photograph of intertwined chair legs, silhouetted in a pool of light on a concrete floor
Abstract macro photograph showing dried clots of paint on an abandoned palette, flooded with rainwater
Abstract photograph of street lamps and lens flare against a dark night sky
Fine art macro photograph of four pieces of tiled, blistered tin, painted and corroded, overlapping and joining
Abstract photograph of blue paint splatter seeming to hover above a blurry, rusted steel plate