Gallery 9Urban Photos

Abstract photograph showing paint flecks, sweeping patterns, and colourful stains in a aging, well-worn concrete floor
Abstract macro photograph showing crumbled paint and shadows on the side of an old woodshed
Abstract photograph showing painted metal, kinked and rusted, looking like the peak of a volcano covered in snow
Abstract macro photograph showing beams of colour and details in a water glass
Abstract photograph showing an array of blue plastic circles, some partly filled with drifting sand
Abstract photograph of light reflecting from blue trim and spilling onto layered tiles of dirty white paint
Abstract photograph of blood-red and white rusted metal forming vague shapes of faces and monsters
Abstract macro photograph of a network of blue cracks in an old orange cracked rubber gasket.
Fine art abstract photograph showing a blurry mass of branches and  bright leaves behind a fancy patterned curtain
Fine art photograph showing leaves and water stains scattered on a deep blue tennis court
Abstract photo of a small red nail amid large curls of thick white paint and a dry, grey board
Fine art photograph of an archway and a slack door, set behind a peeling, pitted, bizarrely painted wall