Doorway to a Yellow Room

Squamish, BC (Artist Statement)

Doorway to a Yellow Room: Squamish, BC, Canada (2001) - Abstract photograph showing a partly open doorway with contrasted white, blue and yellow light

I noticed the beautiful colour contrast between indoor light and daylight many times before I finally made this photograph of our apartment in Squamish. On many summer mornings, it was the first thing I saw when I woke up – a simple, dreamy scene of possibilities and inviting geometry.

One weekend morning, still half asleep, I rolled out of bed and got my camera. I photographed the top corner of the room and the door, forming the same simple, geometric composition that I had seen on so many long mornings. Many lines run out of this photograph, combining with the open door to create a feeling of exploration, and a deep sense of the present moment.

This is one of the earliest photographs on this website. Though I hadn't thought much about composition or my own personal style of photography, this photo, to me, was an early indication of where I really wanted to go with my art.

— Doorway to a Yellow Room: Squamish, BC, Canada (2001)

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