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Thank you to all of you who have shared your thoughts here. It's a thrill to hear from someone in a far corner of the world who has enjoyed my work. If you haven't already, take a moment to Sign the Guestbook!

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Oxfordshire, England

  • Max
  • Jun.2018

Great site. Mark is a very talented photographer, and I am studying him in Photography at my school for GCSE.


Penticton, BC, Canada

  • Mom
  • Jun.2017

Mark, I haven't looked at your photos recently, but was overwhelmed with the imagery, the light, the figures, the atmosphere of your "recent photos" gallery. I just let them float over me.....Cuba and then Salmon Arm....somehow one place drifted on to the other, different and yet universal in their effect. A wondrous experience....thank you. Much love, Mom


Utica, NY, USA

  • Gina
  • Jun.2017

Student Empire State College


Shawnee, KS, USA

  • William
  • May.2017

I REALLY like (1) your site's "gentle yet frankly honest" design – images are exceptional as well! Blessings, Bill


Cheltenham, England

  • Liz
  • Dec.2016

Brilliant website with really clear, interesting information and tips. Thank you.


Cincinnati, OH, USA

  • Kollin
  • Oct.2016

I read through all of your tutorials before I even looked at your galleries. I found your words to be inspiring and thought provoking, especially as I find my self at the crossroads of where I want to go with my photography. Your galleries jump out of the screen as I view them. The beauty in the seemingly ordinary, often over looked details is where I find my greatest fascination when taking photographs, and I have found myself migrating more and more towards it. Your work helped me see that my views, which I have often felt were odd, were in fact as beautiful as I I see them. Someone else sees beauty and captures in amazing display. Thank you!


Harker Heights, TX, USA

  • Sherri
  • Oct.2016

Absolutely Beautiful!


Battle Ground, IN, USA

  • Bruce
  • Sep.2016

Very nice website


Zielona Gora, Poland

  • Stella
  • Aug.2016

Thanks very handy. Will share site with my friends.


Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Yasmin
  • Aug.2016

hi mark, i just want to say i love your work and you really inspire young people to follow what they love! you photos are amazing and i visit your site a lot. i really hope to see more of you in the future.


Oxnard, CA, USA

  • Jerry
  • Aug.2016

Hi, Mark! I must admit I have never seen such amazing abstract photographs before these! We would love to have you on board on Showflipper. The site has a great potential for artists! Hope to hear back from you! Have a nice day


Oak Island, NC, USA

  • Judy
  • June.2016

I can't remember how I found you Mark, but when I did I became mesmerized by your abstract photography. I also love your written expressions. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I contacted you awhile ago about featuring you as the Artist of the Week on my website. I plan to feature you toward the end of June. I will contact you with the exact date. Thank you for allowing me to share a little of your creativity.


Dublin, Ireland

  • James
  • May.2016

Your site is great, and your article on 'Mistakes fine art photographers make' is exactly the type of guidance I've been looking for.


Launceston, Australia

  • Ashli
  • May.2016


Houston, TX, USA

  • Bonnie
  • Apr.2016

I'm getting ready to read the information on the Top 10 Mistakes fine Art Photographers Make", since that is what I am and I have not sold one picture, yet!