Reeds, Ice Drops (B&W)

Near Squamish, BC (Artist Statement)

Reeds, Ice Drops (B&W): Near Squamish, BC, Canada (2003) - Fine art black and white photograph of brilliant white reeds in luminescent water with small icy bells clinging to their stems

The graceful, spreading shapes of these long floating reeds caught my attention from across the lake. As I got closer, I saw that tiny drops of ice had formed along their bases – beautiful crystal bells that clung to the stems and just touched the gently rippling water.

I photographed the reeds close up, composing the photo so they diverged chaotically toward the edges of the frame. I like the way the structure of this photograph almost blossoms – it seems to expand and draw in my eye as I look.

Three distinct planes interact in this photograph – the reeds, the sunken stems, and the surface of the water itself. The slight texture on the water hints at yet another – the sporadic spring breeze, gently rocking the reeds and making the hazy sunlight play over the surface of the lake.

— Reeds, Ice Drops (B&W): Near Squamish, BC, Canada (2003)

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