Brilliant Branches (B&W)

Near Princeton, BC (Artist Statement)

Brilliant Branches (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2004) - Fine art black and white photograph of brilliant white frozen tree branches, lit from below by the white light of reflections from the snow

These trees stand beside a pond near my parent's house. They grow as twins, alone by the side of a hill. I watch them change whenever I visit my family – new, fresh buds, fall leaves, ice and snow coating the branches. I have always enjoyed their shape and poise.

One day, while visiting my family for Christmas, I walked past the trees early in the morning. There was old snow on the ground, and the bare branches were pure white in the shade of the hill. I felt lost in the pale colour of their bark, and the shapes that the web of branches formed. I set up my camera on the hard snow and photographed them quickly before the sun reached them, twins alone and frozen on a winter's morning.

— Brilliant Branches (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2004)

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