Calm Water, Clouds (B&W)

Near Princeton, BC (Artist Statement)

Calm Water, Clouds (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2005) - Fine art black and white abstract photograph of features and reflections in the calm water of a pond after sunset

The end of the day, after the sun sets, but before total darkness sets in, has always been a special time for me. It doesn't last long. The whole world seems to welcome sleep, especially after a long summer day.

I was here beside these reeds at that time of day, photographing the water and the sky as the day took one last chilly breath and went to sleep. The light was so low that I could just make out the shape of the reeds and the clouds through my camera's viewfinder. I sat still after it was too dark for pictures, watching the stars light up one by one. The walk back from the pond felt a thousand miles away from the path I had taken in the hot evening only hours before.

— Calm Water, Clouds (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2005)

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