Bunchgrass, Calm Water (B&W)

Near Princeton, BC (Artist Statement)

Bunchgrass, Calm Water (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2006) - Fine art black and white photograph of pale swamp grass set against calm grey, luminescent water

The water, reeds, and sunken debris in this photograph were luminescent in pure white filtered light after a heavy rainstorm. The golden reeds had a beautiful wash of energy, rich colour and bold lines thrusting out of translucent water.

Kneeling in the wet grass on the shore of the pond, I composed an intimate centered portrait of the grasses, allowing them to just reach the edges of the frame. There was a light breeze tickling the tips of the grasses and it was some time before I managed to photograph the scene without them moving. By the time I stood up, my pants were soaked through and my feet were numb.

This is one of my favorite photographs. It reminds me of quiet, vibrant, lyrical music.

— Bunchgrass, Calm Water (B&W): Near Princeton, BC, Canada (2006)

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