Inverted Paint Splashes

Calgary, AB (Artist Statement)

Inverted Paint Splashes: Calgary, AB, Canada (2007) - Abstract fine art photograph of arcs of white paint splashed over a dirty pink brick wall

This salmon-coloured wall was in a neighborhood fast under development, a small symptom of a rash, oil-rich economic boom. So often during such a boom, old objects sit wearily to one side, evicted and un-noticed, while new objects rush off the assembly line to take their place. Age is replaced with youth; memories are cleared like smells from a musty room.

I liked the defiantly shaped white arcs haphazardly splashed over this wall. Surrounded by fresh foundations and fast-paced progress, the non-designer paint and its chaotic additions are comfortably cathartic, a demonstration for a livelier, dirtier future. Inverted, it takes a more top-heavy shape – still at odds, but tenuously close to collapse.

— Inverted Paint Splashes: Calgary, AB, Canada (2007)

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