Winter Gravel, Highlights (B&W)

Calgary, AB (Artist Statement)

Winter Gravel, Highlights (B&W): Calgary, AB, Canada (2010) - Abstract black and white photograph of tiny pebbles, a thin sheen of water, and out-of-focus highlights

From a distance, I could see evening light making shapes that seemed to come from a dream, distorted by each pebble in this shallow puddle. Reflected lines wandered lazily from their course, sketching new abstract shapes through their mirrored world.

As I approached the water, I had to crouch lower and lower to see the light from the same angle. I made this photograph using a macro lens held less than an inch above the surface. I like the single black line that seems to wind around every shape from the foreground into obscurity: it looks like the rocks are smouldering and sending a tell-tale trail of smoke winding overhead.

— Winter Gravel, Highlights (B&W): Calgary, AB, Canada (2010)

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