Plastic Circles, Sand

Calgary, AB (Artist Statement)

Plastic Circles, Sand: Calgary, AB, Canada (2010) - Abstract photograph showing an array of blue plastic circles, some partly filled with drifting sand

This child's play pool had been discarded in an old construction staging area behind the University. It was a bizarre spot to find such an innocent toy – amongst downed light poles, smashed concrete and cast-off metal hunks. It felt as though the ghosts of the abandoned children were there too, dusty and lazy and forever trapped in some perfect, blue-bird summer day.

The wind had left crooked sliver moons of sand in the recessions. I made a lot of photographs of the Spring sun falling across the scene, but I like this one the best: there is a progression as the circles rise, a dirtying of something pure. The scratches, the scars and the impurities are all part of life, and what is left over when we are gone.

— Plastic Circles, Sand: Calgary, AB, Canada (2010)

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