Dusky Trees

Near Kamloops, BC (Artist Statement)

Dusky Trees: Near Kamloops, BC, Canada (2011) - Fine art photograph showing the last light of day on tangled grasses, autumn leaves, and a forest of aspen trunks

This photograph was made well after the ranch-land sun had set, when the day was nearly night; distant cattle bayed for their calves, and the chill in the air condensed into real cold. This is my favourite time, and my favourite kind of light: the last moments of day seem to make things come subtly alive, as though from within. This thicket of aspens and grasses seemed to glow like embers.

I made similar exposures minutes later, less than 5 paces away. The quick light had changed: examining the photographs later at home, I found them to be too blue, too dull – too late.

— Dusky Trees: Near Kamloops, BC, Canada (2011)

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