Eyes, Shattered Glass (B&W)

Bombay Beach, CA (Artist Statement)

Eyes, Shattered Glass (B&W): Bombay Beach, CA, USA (2011) - Fine art B&W photo showing a magazine clipping in a pile of shattered window glass

It wasn't just the girl's eyes in the remains of violence that made this scene feel haunted, or the way they seemed to follow me as I knelt in the debris to place my tripod. It was the rest of the open, orphaned house, the well-established flood marks on the walls, the scattered personal effects. In a way, it was the entire brooding, salted, silent town. The work of man, as it returns to dust and wind, seems to release souls like sweet gas.

In all the houses, great cracks had formed from settling sand and flooding water. It seemed like one day there would be more splits than structures, that in some future the darkness would get larger than the sky. For now, I felt at ease, sharing the ruined places with gulls, looking through broken walls at the huge, flat, impossible sea.

— Eyes, Shattered Glass (B&W): Bombay Beach, CA, USA (2011)

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