Burnt Yucca, Leaves (B&W)

Joshua Tree, CA (Artist Statement)

Burnt Yucca, Leaves (B&W): Joshua Tree, CA, USA (2012) - Abstract  black and white photograph of fresh leaves against burnt yucca bark

Fire had ripped through this desert in some recent lifetime, and the dry hilltop was slow to recover. Without water, new shoots blistered and burned. A constant high desert wind moaned and stirred the sand.

These spiky leaves grew in the remains of a burnt yucca stump, sheltered and drinking from the water stored in the spongy parent. From the ashes rose a phoenix, slowly unfolding its great veiny wings, testing the currents in the dry cobalt sky.

— Burnt Yucca, Leaves (B&W): Joshua Tree, CA, USA (2012)

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