Layered Cracks, Blue Trim

Near Kamloops, BC (Artist Statement)

Layered Cracks, Blue Trim: Near Kamloops, BC, Canada (2012) - Abstract photograph of light reflecting from blue trim and spilling onto layered tiles of dirty white paint

In the loft of this empty house, in the breezy room where farmer's wives would brush their hair and dirty children would be bathed, there was a nearly stifling feeling of calm. The mirror was dirty but intact, not like many in the houses nearby.

The layered paint formed a kind of abstract diorama of the history of the place: discovery, wartime, the farming and nursing years, final abandonment and recent rejuvenation. I could see stories in the dirt and the shadows, in highlights and scars that divided the wall into sections.

This photograph has become a favourite of mine. It reminds me of how it might feel to gradually lose control of one's senses: to slowly, surely watch one's mind take seed like a summer dandelion. It would be a terrifying journey, to be sure, but perhaps an exhilarating and liberating one too.

— Layered Cracks, Blue Trim: Near Kamloops, BC, Canada (2012)

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