Dancing Tree, Highlights

Little Wildhorse Canyon, UT (Artist Statement)

Dancing Tree, Highlights: Little Wildhorse Canyon, UT, USA (2003) - Abstract nature photograph of a twisted tree trunk and highlighted leaves against a dark blue sky

After a long hike through a beautiful but unsettlingly narrow slot canyon, I was glad when the canyon walls finally began to widen. After being in the dark, winding slot for so long, the sunlight and the sky were dazzling and spectacular.

This playfully shaped tree was shaded by the canyon wall and caught only the slightest bit of sunlight in its upper branches. Gently swaying in the wind, it truly looked like it was dancing – tasting the sunlight and drinking in the sweet breeze.

I photographed the tree up close with a very wide angle lens, to show its curves and fade it into the dark blue sky. Even in the photograph, the sunlit branches seem to twinkle and flit in the wind.

— Dancing Tree, Highlights: Little Wildhorse Canyon, UT, USA (2003)

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