Dunes, Sweeping Shadows

Death Valley, CA (Artist Statement)

Dunes, Sweeping Shadows: Death Valley, CA, USA (2003) - Abstract photograph of sand dunes and wild desert shadows

The vastness of these dunes made a huge impression on me – the enormous area covered in every direction by sand, the tiny footprints I left behind me. I liked how the light fell, and how even out there in the harsh, wind-blown sand, tiny plants and animals still made a life for themselves.

Walking along the edge of the dunes, where the sand slowly suffocates the desert, I was struck by the beautiful shape of the light. I had the feeling that I could walk away from this place forever, never quite arriving at the outside world, never really escaping the dunes. I photographed it like this, showing the beautiful, brutal march of the inevitable sand into the evolving landscape.

— Dunes, Sweeping Shadows: Death Valley, CA, USA (2003)

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