White Tree, Red Leaves

Near Flagstaff, AZ (Artist Statement)

White Tree, Red Leaves: Near Flagstaff, AZ, USA (2003) - Fine art photograph showing a white tree trunk set against brambles and blurry red leaves

Though it was Christmas day, this high Arizona forest still had the feel of fall. The air was chilly, but not cold, and the ground was a mottled carpet of orange and red leaves.

The white bark on this tree almost glowed in the heavily filtered sunlight. It had come away in layers, adding great depth and dimension to the trunk.

I photographed the scene in an unstructured way, blending the harsh dead brambles with the fresh white bark. The bright red dead leaves are rendered softly, and balance the strong white tree. The photograph reminds me of the feel of rain, and of sadness.

— White Tree, Red Leaves: Near Flagstaff, AZ, USA (2003)

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