Hoodoo Formations, Sage

Near Invermere, BC (Artist Statement)

Hoodoo Formations, Sage: Near Invermere, BC, Canada (2005) - Abstract nature photograph of hoodoos and sagebrush against a backdrop of green trees

Soon after coming out of a long backpacking trip, Terri and I drove past a huge group of hoodoo formations. I have always loved photographing the shapes and textures of hoodoos, so I parked the car on the dirt road and scrambled quickly to the top of the bluffs.

Through the elongated perspective of a wide-angle lens, this formation seemed to take flight above the thick carpet of trees on the valley floor. The jagged edges of the hoodoos form an interesting relief with the frame, and the colours in the blooming sage anchor the limited palette of the mud and forest.

To me, this photograph feels strange and ethereal. Looking at it now, I can't tell if I'm flying or falling.

— Hoodoo Formations, Sage: Near Invermere, BC, Canada (2005)

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