Cracking Sky, Pale Blue

Near Kamloops, BC (Artist Statement)

Cracking Sky, Pale Blue: Near Kamloops, BC, Canada (2013) - Abstract macro photograph showing large chunks of peeling orange paint falling away to reveal cool, blue-tinted metal beneath

The colours in the chipped paint on this derelict vehicle reminded me in a striking way of the sky: the seamless blue of high noon, streaked with clouds; the rich tanager of a dry valley sunset. The colours seemed wrong together, as if painted on some cracking plastic mask. A minor demon had blended times of day in a grotesque landscape, even adding some blotted black sketches of the starless night.

The small scene felt like the background of a Goya or a Dali: unsettling, somewhat like reality had been stirred and shaken in some drugged drink. This photograph is a blend of many scenes, but to me it really does express a dire feeling of waiting, of helplessly watching something large unfold before me. There is a terrible storm brewing in the clouds, and the wind and rain might soon carry us away.

— Cracking Sky, Pale Blue: Near Kamloops, BC, Canada (2013)

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