Beaded Water, Grass Blade

Nehalem Bay Park, OR (Artist Statement)

Beaded Water, Grass Blade: Nehalem Bay Park, OR, USA (2015) - Abstract macro photograph of tiny beads of morning dew perched delicately on a wide blade of grass

I enjoyed a morning by the sea on this day – getting to the beach before the sun did, watching the sky grow lighter over the mountains, feeling the chilly wind carry teasing warm threads, probably the last of the dying summer. I watched the sand dry as the penumbra drew quickly but imperceptibly from the water to the earth. Returning to our campsite, I had 2 jackets around my waist and the grit of salt air on my skin.

I spied this group of leaves when I was nearly home. Even from a distance, the tiny water drops seemed to hover over the plant, like they were falling in space. The sun was just reaching this spot, and the shadows of the trees moved over this leaf like hands, though failing to move even the most delicate dew drops.

Unusually, this was a photo that I knew I'd like the moment I made it. I carried it with me through the hot Fall day like a beautiful stone in my pocket. Looking at it now, I can still feel the wind, see the shadows, smell the salt, hear the gulls.

— Beaded Water, Grass Blade: Nehalem Bay Park, OR, USA (2015)

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