Favourite Photos

Abstract photograph of a motion-blurred forest, with lines and texture where the camera paused
Fine art macro photo of an explosion of water drops clinging to microscopic plant fibres
Abstract macro photograph showing the dried veins of a dead leaf, shaded in blue light against a yellow green background
Abstract photograph looking down though tree trunks at rocks and a carpet of fall leaves
Fine art photograph showing desert branches flowing through the frame like blue veins
Fine art macro photograph of varied and colourful textures in three aspen trunks, and a blurry flower meadow background
Fine art photograph of long reeds and frozen globes of ice floating in a brilliant pool of rippled water
Abstract photograph of eroded sandstone blocks, stacked together in patterns
Abstract macro photograph of colourful twisting patterns in a aged, fallen log
Fine art photograph of a massive, twisted tree at the bottom of a bright red sandstone canyon
Fine art abstract photograph of a dead curled leaf, chewed into lattice by carpenter ants
Fine art photograph of pastel water reflections and swirling leaves, blurred with movement to look like an impressionist painting
Fine art photograph showing a white tree trunk set against brambles and blurry red leaves
Fine art photograph showing the last light of day on tangled grasses, autumn leaves, and a forest of aspen trunks
Abstract macro photograph of tiny beads of morning dew perched delicately on a wide blade of grass
Fine art photo of cactus fronds spreading from the centre of the frame like a blooming flower
Abstract nature photograph of hoodoos and sagebrush against a backdrop of green trees
Fine art macro photo of perfect round water beads, some tinted yellow, on the faded surface of a veiny leaf
Abstract photograph of ice, leaves, and reflections in a pool of water
Abstract photo of a white, sickle-shaped branch against a pure blue sky
Abstract nature photograph of reeds and their reflections forming rings in pure blue water
Abstract photograph of huge sand dunes, snow, and shadows deep in the desert
Fine art photo showing smooth river water flowing around cottonwood trunks and bright Spring leaves flying in the wind
Abstract photo of lines and patterns in peeling paint on an aging road sign, held in place by a single aging bolt
Abstract photograph of a labrinth of torn, coloured plaster and wallpaper, beautifully lit from above
Abstract photograph of white paint forming facinating shapes, cracking and peeling from a shiny piece of twisted sheet metal
Fine art photograph showing a lamp post reflected in a pool of water on cracked pavement
Fine art photograph of stains and streaks on a stainless steel wall plate, with an out-of-focus hedge in the foreground
Abstract photograph of flowing sepia-toned scratches and marking on the bottom of a cooking pan
Abstract photograph of blurry red berries and chaotic bare branches silhouetted against a white sky
Fine art photograph showing two teenage boys sitting on an ancient cannon, the Havana skyline and grey skies in the background
Abstract photograph of twisted white metal shapes against a frozen snowy field
Abstract photograph showing a yellow fire escape winding down a huge grain silo
Abstract fine art photograph of arcs of white paint splashed over a dirty pink brick wall
Abstract fine art photo of a burning white circle painted on scrap metal, the orange flaking to reveal a fine blue layer underneath
Abstract photograph of bent alder trees behind blurred venetian blinds
Abstract photograph of stained water streams on the colourful interior of a burned-out house
Fine art photograph of brushings, chipping paint, and swirling scratches on the surface of a piece of twisted sheet metal
Abstract macro photograph showing crumbled paint and shadows on the side of an old woodshed
Abstract photograph showing painted metal, kinked and rusted, looking like the peak of a volcano covered in snow
Fine art photography showing a sleeping homeless person under the wild branches of a street tree and moonlit clouds
Fine art abstract photograph showing a blurry mass of branches and  bright leaves behind a patterned lace curtain
Abstract photograph showing an array of blue plastic circles, some partly filled with drifting sand
Abstract photograph of light reflecting from blue trim and spilling onto layered tiles of dirty white paint
Abstract macro photograph of a network of blue cracks in an old orange cracked rubber gasket.
Fine art photograph showing giant beams on the underside of a wharf, frozen in ice, set against a night sky with faint stars
Abstract macro photograph showing large chunks of peeling orange paint falling away to reveal cool, blue-tinted metal beneath
Fine art macro photo showing colourful reflected gradients and interlocking water drops on a curved piece of scrap steel
Abstract photograph of stormy patterns on an aging, weathered, painted window
Fine art photo of weeds growing up beside an abandoned piece of blue painted metal
Fine art photograph showing an ancient car propped on blocks in the night with a hazy full moon in the background
Fine art photograph of a window in a derelict house with missing glass but a beautiful pastoral and mountain view
Abstract photograph of swirled red rust on the surface of a bluish painted metal plate
Fine art black and white long-exposure photograph showing moving water swirling like fog around seaside stones
Fine art black and white photograph showing men on the street at night beneath the straight concrete walls and intertwined branches of downtown Havana
Fine art black and white photograph of smokey waves swirling around a rocky knob and a bounder-strewn beach
Black and white abstract photograph of a string of kelp on a beach, looping gracefully in and out of the frame
Abstract  black and white photograph of fresh leaves against burnt yucca bark
Fine art B&W photograph showing bridge piers crusted in salt and barnacles against a dramatic cloudy sky
Fine art black and white photograph showing a thin shroud of fog around a lone snow-lined wharf on a black winter night
Fine art black and white photo of water clinging to a piece of pencil-marked plated steel
Abstract macro black and white photograph of a tiny twig, spiraled and twisted on a granite slab
Abstract black and white photograph of black tree branches against the rigid, stacked lines of a grain silo
Fine art photo in black and white, showing a bright white inner city courtyard and a silhouetted tree, angled sunlight playing over the imperfections in the masonry
Fine art black and white photograph of the metal skeleton of an old wrecked ship, surrounded by pale, ocean-worn sand.
Fine art B&W photograph showing the remains of a structure and scattered objects on a salt flat
Fine art B&W photo showing a magazine clipping in a pile of shattered window glass
Abstract black and white macro photograph of crisp patterns and blurred highlights in a small ice formation
Fine art black and white photograph showing a petrol can inside the remains of an ancient excavator
Fine art black and white photograph of brilliant white frozen tree branches, lit from below by the white light of reflections from the snow
Fine art black and white photograph of pale swamp grass set against calm grey, luminescent water