Gallery 8Urban Photos

Fine art photograph showing a man perched unsettlingly on top of a concrete building and a woman looking into the street from a mid-level apartment
Fine art street photograph showing a black dog sleeping on the landing of a rusted spiral staircase in a brightly lit breezeway
Abstract photograph showing a yellow fire escape winding down a huge grain silo
Abstract fine art photograph of arcs of white paint splashed over a dirty pink brick wall
Abstract fine art photo of a burning white circle painted on scrap metal, the orange flaking to reveal a fine blue layer underneath
Abstract photograph of bent alder trees behind blurred venetian blinds
Fine art colour photo of a streaked, looming tower behind a skeletal bare street tree
Fine art photograph of a figure on the rocks by the sea, with floodlights on a fortress and a lighthouse in the background
Abstract photograph of stained water streams on the colourful interior of a burned-out house
Abstract photography showing small stained glass windows and wooden shutters behind ancient wrought-iron bars
Fine art photograph of brushings, chipping paint, and swirling scratches on the surface of a piece of twisted sheet metal
Abstract macro photograph of a network of cracks in a weather worn rubber rail bumper, speckled with the first few drops of rain