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Dominoes Game, Walking Woman: Havana, Cuba

Dominoes Game, Walking Woman: Havana, Cuba

All photographs on this website are available as museum quality fine art photographic prints. Photographs are printed in limited edition sets – after a particular edition has sold out, no more prints of that photograph will be produced.

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Dominoes Game, Walking Woman: Havana, Cuba is offered in 5 sizes, listed below. At each size, only 20 prints will be made, for a total of 100 prints. Each print is personally signed, dated, and numbered.

The following prices are in Canadian dollars, for an unframed print. Applicable taxes and shipping are not included. Payment is accepted by credit card, cheque, or money order:

Extra-Large (20 Available):  $440

Sample photographic print: 24x36

(24" x 36" or 27" x 36")  Fully 3 feet long, this size makes a grand impression, forming an excellent focal point for a large space. Every detail in the photograph is beautiful rendered, making this an excellent size for distant viewing.

Large (20 Available):  $320

Sample photographic print: 20x30

(20" x 30" or 22.5" x 30")  Still a very large print, this size is for spaces that can't quite accommodate an Extra-Large print. Details are large and distinct: this print size can be viewed from a comfortable distance.

Medium (20 Available):  $240

Sample photographic print: 16x24

(16" x 24" or 18" x 24")  A mid-sized print, this size works well in most spaces, either alone in smaller rooms or with other work in larger spaces. Details reveal themselves on close inspection, making this an excellent size for close-up viewing.

Small (20 Available):  $140

Sample photographic print: 11x16.5

(11" x 16.5" or 12" x 16")  A smaller print, this size is good for cosy spaces, or for displaying with other work. Very fine details are suppressed at this size, but the photograph still reveals fascinating patterns close up.

Extra-Small (20 Available):  $100

Sample photographic print: 8x12

(8" x 12" or 9" x 12")  The smallest available, this size is 1 foot along its longest dimension. This size of print inevitably suppresses some finer details, though they can be seen using weak magnification.

If fewer than 3 photographs remain unsold in a series, the price per print will increase. Buy a Print or Contact Me if you have any questions. For more about Lightjet prints, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Print and Photograph Quality

From image capture, to digital processing, to final printing, I take great care to maintain detail, tonal depth, and colour saturation in every one of my photographs. My photographs are not staged or digitally enhanced – for more on these and other ethical issues, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

I personally create, process, print and inspect every photograph that I sell. All of the photographs on this website are printed to the highest quality possible. My prints do not disappoint!

The Printing Process

All photographs are printed digitally. If the photograph was captured on film, it is digitized using a highly specialized film scanner. Most photographs made after 2010 were captured digitally.

For colour photographs, I carefully adjust the photograph's colour and tone to match my memory of the scene. For black and white photographs, I interpret the photograph more creatively, adjusting the photograph's tone and contrast to show the subject in a new way. After the office work is done, I send the file for printing on the legendary Cymbolic Sciences Lightjet 5000 printer.

Lightjet photographic prints are extremely vivid and accurate. Colours are brilliant, tones are rich and details are crisp, even in the largest prints. The Lightjet photographic process uses lasers to expose top-quality archival photographic paper, resulting in a crisp, detailed print that will remain true and colourful for generations. All photographs are printed on professional matte photographic paper.

Framing and Displaying

Lightjet prints can be matted and framed just like regular photographic prints. Alternative mounting processes, like plaque or glass mounting, can be used to create a very modern look.

Photographic prints of any kind look their best when properly lit. Strong, white overhead light is recommended, pointed onto the print if possible. To reduce distracting reflections, avoid facing a photograph towards a window.

Most print sizes will require custom mats and frames. Unless requested, prints are shipped unframed. Contact Me if you are interested in purchasing a matted, framed, or mounted print.