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A 'low key' photograph (a term used often in black and white photography) is one that makes use of mostly dark or black tones, sometimes contrasting them with a paler subject. (First published Nov 20, 2008)

10.Mar.11Learn from your own advice. It is very easy to say one thing and do another: become a better photographer by trying to stick to the tips you pass along to beginning artists.

09.Mar.11New photography genres are often driven by advancing technology. The advent of digital photography has created new sub-genres and had made some existing genres (like underwater photography) much easier to master.

08.Mar.11Some types of rock, like granite, tend to hold water in puddles or as a surface sheen, offering a lot of light-play and reflection possibilities to the photographer on a rainy day.

07.Mar.11Photography clubs can sometimes stagnate or repress your work. The wrong photo club can, like the individual artist, become narrow minded and uncreative, something that can be passed on to its members.

06.Mar.11Even if you love photography, it can be a lot of work. Make sure to take time off to unwind and have fun. 'Recharging' your creative mind will make you more effective with the time you do spend working.

05.Mar.11If a particular tripod setup is very awkward, you may have to compose the best you can from any spot you can manage. If this is the case, try to use different lenses to make up for the restricted camera position.

04.Mar.11Instead of 'tweaking' a photograph digitally, consider re-shooting it if possible. Not only will the straight shot look more convincing, it will feel more satisfying to display.

03.Mar.11Some older genres of photography are becoming rarer and less often produced. New work falling into these genres can be interesting and 'kitschy', but sometimes risks being seen as prematurely dated.

02.Mar.11If a photograph is very awkward to compose, make use of the view screen composition feature on your camera. You might be able to position the camera closer to where you want it if you don't have to see through the viewfinder.

01.Mar.11Overlaying patterns may not always complement one another. Instead of adding texture or creating new shapes, a new pattern may only confuse or clutter a photograph.

28.Feb.11To make beautiful things, it helps to surround yourself with beauty. Make your living, working and casual spaces as artistic and interesting as possible to help you create artistic and interesting photography.

27.Feb.11Photography clubs can be an excellent way for photographers to network, share techniques, and socialize. See if there are any clubs in your area that could be a positive influence on you or your work.

26.Feb.11New photography genres are sometimes created by the changing circumstances people find themselves in. Photography, like many other art forms, is often driven by the path of society.

25.Feb.11When entering a photography competition, think about what the judges will be looking for, beyond what was spelled out in the contest rules. Winners will belong to a certain aesthetic group, depending on where the photography will be displayed and who is sponsoring the contest.

24.Feb.11Don't begin to think that every possible photograph has been made already. No matter who you are or what your experience level may be, you too have the opportunity to make unique, life-changing photography.