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'Dropped' pixels are pixels that malfunction and repeatedly produce a colour value that doesn't correspond to the rest of the photograph. Dropped pixels can be repaired using photography software. (First published Jul 18, 2009)

23.Apr.14Some modern mirrorless cameras are extremely small given their flexibility, image quality, and build quality. These cameras are providing a very real alternative to the popular pocketable point-and-shoot style family.

22.Apr.14Take every opportunity to bring at least a small camera setup along. Hiking, biking, and even working can lead you to some beautiful and unusual places – and perfect photo destinations!

21.Apr.14Take care of your eyes! Not only are they crucial for your photography, but even small injuries can hurt and linger for years. Protect your eyes, especially when taking photos in bushy areas.

11.Apr.14Some of the best natural lighting can be found in shallow valleys or canyons surrounded by bright sunlight. Penumbras are easy to find, and short-range diffuse reflected light can produce an attractive contrast level.

10.Apr.14When thinking about displaying your photography on the web, realize that modern Internet viewers will access your work on a variety of devices. The challenge can be to produce an attractive photography display on tiny cellphone screens, the largest desktop monitors and everything in between!

02.Apr.14There is often no need for neutral density filters in a variety of strengths. Since the filter will only be used to filter excess light, simply get the strongest ND filter available for your lenses.

01.Apr.14Some digital camera bodies have quite high minimum ISO settings, sometimes ISO 200 or higher. While they often produce excellent images, this can be annoying to the photographer who wants to use long exposures in somewhat bright light.

24.Mar.14Large conferences or meetings can often provide a lot of work for local photographers in the area. Sometimes these get-togethers can stretch on for days or weeks, and organizers will require photography of awards, ceremonies, and the like.

23.Mar.14The tendency for photographers to stop and linger for long periods can frustrate non-photographers in a group. Plan your outings ahead of time, and make sure people you're with are OK with a stop or two along the way!

21.Mar.14It's worth recording and archiving your current photography collections and galleries (even in snap-shot form) for perusal later. If you're growing as an artist, you should see clear change and progression as years go on!

20.Mar.14Some photos seem almost impervious to subtle adjustments. These photos might need a more 'heavy-handed' approach to make them appear like you remember. Small adjustments on a stubborn photo can leave it looking washed-out and uninteresting.

19.Mar.14If you've recently purchased new equipment, don't fret about it. Once you've made up your mind, concentrate on putting your gear to use instead of further researching your decision.

18.Mar.14If you display your photography online, save frequent backup copies of your images and the state of your web space. Accidental deletion, malware attacks, or web server issues can undo a lot of hard work!

17.Mar.14A proper monitor calibration is less important when a photographer is using a modern 'non-destructive' workflow. Because the photo can be re-opened and adjusted without loss of fidelity, getting colours perfect the first time isn't necessary.

16.Mar.14Some photographs, particularly portraits, can benefit from having the viewer imagine the photographer at the scene. In these photos, a more informal, self-conscious composition is sometimes a benefit to the work.