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Daily Photo Tip

A reverse graduated neutral density filter is not the same as a regular grad turned upside-down. The two filters are laid out differently, and are used for different purposes. (First published Feb 10, 2008)

05.Dec.08Try turning a digital image or a print upside down to find the point of sharpest focus. This removes all subjectivity and allows your eye to concentrate on technical details.

04.Dec.08Most lens filters can be stacked together to combine filtrations. However, this technique will often drastically change the value of the exposure.

03.Dec.08Noise usually appears most pronounced in darker areas of the photograph. Look for noise whenever you are concerned about holding details in smooth shadowy areas of your photograph.

02.Dec.08If your subject is moving very quickly, one way to ensure a sharp image in to 'prefocus'. Estimate where your subject will be the right size in the frame, then focus on the ground at that point.

01.Dec.08Using a low ISO produces less noise (or grain, in the case of film) in the final photograph. This gives you the flexibility to print larger photographs.

30.Nov.08When correcting photographs, see if your photography software supports layers. Using layers for corrections lets you undo mistakes without starting over or harming the original file.

29.Nov.08Relief shapes are often registered unconsciously. When the shapes in relief compliment the theme of a photograph, a viewer will be more likely to connect with the work.

28.Nov.08Use acid-free mat to frame important prints. Acid-free mat doesn't have to cost much more than regular mat, and it will preserve your hard-earned prints for much longer.

27.Nov.08Try to go out and take pictures in bad weather as well as good. Once you get used to working in it, bad weather can provide you with new subject matter and a fresh perspective.

26.Nov.08When correcting images in photo software, be wary of over-correcting or counter-correcting an image aspect. This can posterize the image and make it look 'stressed' or banded.

25.Nov.08Triangles with a wide base add a sense of pride and calm to a photograph. Triangles on their tips seem fragile and unstable. Including both at once can make a photograph seem slightly surreal.

24.Nov.08You may find yourself drifting away from photography from time to time. Don't force yourself into it! If you're not interested in photography temporarily, explore other interests and come back to it when you're ready.

23.Nov.08Assemble a lightweight, easy to use photography kit to take on less serious outings – spontaneous, simple photography can make an old interest fun again.

22.Nov.08Don't trespass to make photos. If you ask nicely and professionally, the landowner will likely grant you permission to use the land. Trespassing will just make it harder for any future photographers to do the same.

21.Nov.08A beanbag is a useful alternative to a tripod, especially when using extremely long lenses low to the ground. The lens simply sits across the beanbag, and can be adjusted if necessary.