Gallery 2Rural Photos

Fine art landscape photograph of misty water around rocky islands in the last light of a coastal evening
Abstract photograph looking down though tree trunks at rocks and a carpet of fall leaves
Fine art photograph of reflections in a pool of water, surrounded by textured rock
Fine art photograph of brightly coloured rocks forming a dynamic pattern on lightly toned sand
Fine art photo showing tall trees with slender angled branches and bright leaves against a backdrop of thin fog
Abstract photo of yucca bark, dried and curled upwards like flames
Abstract photograph of a twisted desert tree and brilliant leaves against a cobalt blue sky
Fine art photograph showing desert branches flowing through the frame like blue veins
Fine art macro photograph of varied and colourful textures in three aspen trunks, and a blurry flower meadow background
Fine art photograph showing a misty rainforest, the trees fading into a foggy background
Fine art photograph of long reeds and frozen globes of ice floating in a brilliant pool of rippled water
Abstract fine art photograph showing waves of blurry, multi-coloured pine bark