Gallery 3Rural Photos

Fine art macro photograph showing a grasshopper set against a backdrop of a brilliant flower petal
Abstract photograph of eroded sandstone blocks, stacked together in patterns
Abstract macro photograph of colourful twisting patterns in a aged, fallen log
Fine art photograph of a massive, twisted tree at the bottom of a bright red sandstone canyon
Abstract photograph showing foam swirling amidst leaves on the colourful surface of a mountain creek
Fine art abstract photograph of a dead curled leaf, chewed into lattice by carpenter ants
Fine art photograph of curled, stained birch bark in white light, set against threatening black shadows
Fine art photograph of storm clouds over the hills at sunset
Fine art photograph of pastel water reflections and swirling leaves, blurred with movement to look like an impressionist painting
Abstract impressionist photo showing the blurry paths of leaves as they circle in the dark water of a mountain creek
Fine art photograph showing a white tree trunk set against brambles and blurry red leaves
Fine art photograph showing the last light of day on tangled grasses, autumn leaves, and a forest of aspen trunks