Gallery 5Rural Photos

Details in a beautifully coloured blue and yellow feather, softly out of focus but with subtle background textures
Fine art macro photo of perfect round water beads, some tinted yellow, on the faded surface of a veiny leaf
Abstract photograph of ice, leaves, and reflections in a pool of water
Fine art photograph showing intertwined, blurry waves moving over round multi-coloured beach rocks
Abstract photo looking up through bright mist at the treetops
Fine art photograph showing reflections of rich jungle in the smooth water of a lazy, rocky creek
Abstract photo of a white, sickle-shaped branch against a pure blue sky
Abstract nature photograph of reeds and their reflections forming rings in pure blue water
Abstract photograph of huge sand dunes, snow, and shadows deep in the desert
Fine art photograph of layers of tree branches, highlighted by sunlight and framed by bright leaves
Fine art photo showing smooth river water flowing around cottonwood trunks and bright Spring leaves flying in the wind
Fine art photograph of four slender aspen trees on a leafy forest floor