Gallery 6Urban Photos

Abstract photo of lines and patterns in peeling paint on an aging road sign, held in place by a single aging bolt
Abstract photograph of a labrinth of torn, coloured plaster and wallpaper, beautifully lit from above
Fine art photograph of a dingy 1950s era car in soft light, in front of a checked and stained concrete wall
Abstract photograph of white paint forming facinating shapes, cracking and peeling from a shiny piece of twisted sheet metal
Abstract photograph showing the distorted outline of a tree and white foam in a puddle
Fine art photograph showing a lamp post reflected in a pool of water on cracked pavement
Fine art photograph showing a vacant urban canyon between concrete buildings, with exposed trusses against a starry sky
Abstract fine art photo of burnt orange paint leaping upward like flames on a charred and scratched shop door
Fine art photograph of stains and streaks on a stainless steel wall plate, with an out-of-focus hedge in the foreground
Abstract photograph of flowing sepia-toned scratches and marking on the bottom of a cooking pan
Fine art photograph of white paint and red rust on the surface of a folded, puntured piece of sheet metal
Abstract photograph of blurry red berries and chaotic bare branches silhouetted against a white sky